There Is Hope: A Straightforward Guide to Bankruptcy and Divorce

Going through a divorce can be taxing in numerous ways, especially when dealing with bankruptcy simultaneously or shortly thereafter. April Randle Law is committed to providing the best legal advice for those seeking a new start through bankruptcy, including cases where a divorce is involved, along with child support and alimony. There are many different [...]

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How Wage Garnishment Works

No one enjoys being in debt. Having creditors frequently hound and harass you is not desirable. In some instances you may be facing creditors seeking wage garnishment from you. There are national laws that limit how much a creditor can take from your wages; however, each individual state also has laws concerning wage garnishments. Here [...]

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Getting Out of Credit Card Debt

Have you ever been in a relationship where you feel you give and give and it’s just never enough? Well, credit card debt can be a lot like that. Of course, at first you may have been the one doing the taking, but nevertheless you’re now in a position where it just seems like you’re [...]

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Vehicle Repossession and Bankruptcy

Now more than ever, our lives rely heavily on our vehicles. Getting to work, dropping kids at school, heading to the grocery store, or driving to doctor visits – all of these activities require reliable transportation.  Although public transportation is sometimes available, there is nothing like enjoying the freedom and convenience of having your own [...]

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Stay Out of Debt

Many Americans find themselves weighed down by the financial burden of debt. Watching your paycheck be extinguished week after week once you pay your bills can be extremely stressful and unsatisfying. The stress that is associated with debt can lead to depression, illness, and divorce among married couples. Debt is easy to accrue, especially with [...]

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Building Credit

While it’s great to avoid having unnecessary loans, sometimes it is unavoidable when looking to buy a car or home. Getting a loan when you need it can be a hassle if your credit is poor. Conversely, the process of getting loans, credit cards, and even a job can be much easier based on a [...]

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What You Need to Know About Reverse Mortgages

Though the economy has been worse, we still live in troubling times when money can be hard to come by and debt can easily be acquired and increased. This reality is especially prevalent among senior citizens. Ideally, we’d like to live in a world where health risks are at a minimum throughout our lives. Sadly, [...]

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