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Bankruptcy isn’t always easy to understand.  Let us help you separate bankruptcy fact from fiction.  Let our years of experience in bankruptcy law be your biggest asset!
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Are you ready to regain control of your finances and discover a Fresh Start? Contact us for a consultation and download the documents you need to get started.
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April Randle Law has helped hundreds of clients overcome their financial issues.  Find out what our clients have to say about working with April Randle Law.
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In the practice of bankruptcy law, I see people every day who are genuinely overwhelmed by their financial circumstances and simply don’t know what to do. Many people are trying to cope with the demands of life and may not be fully aware of how bad their finances have become. Unfortunately, when people face constant creditor harassment, mounting credit card debt, and the threat of losing the things they have worked hard to attain, life’s most cherished relationships can eventually suffer.

Our law office is trying to make a difference by educating Cleveland, TN,

Contact us and find out if bankruptcy is right for you.

Call and schedule a free consultation to see if a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you.  Because bankruptcy is the only area of law we handle, your case will be handled quickly and efficiently by an attorney that knows your name and knows the system.   Let us help you overcome financial stress so you can focus on what really matters in this life – God, family and community.

How bankruptcy can help you:

  • Stop home foreclosures
  • Stop harassing creditor calls, lawsuits and garnishments
  • Eliminate pay day loans, credit cards and medical debt
  • Keep property you want, with a payment you can afford
  • Surrender property you need to eliminate from your budget
  • And more…

Contact me, April Randle, today and let’s talk about real financial solutions for you. Call me at (423) 473-6717.